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Another year, another hike, this time the Camino de Santiago

Hi All: Just wanted to wish everyone a great new year in 2012. Even though I'm sitting here in Sarasota, Florida in 70­° weather, my heart is out there somewhere on a trail trying to stay warm in the December weather. 

Jane and I walked the Camino de Santiago, in Spain, this year, during September/October. It was fantastic, if very different from the AT. No bears and many more hikers, something like 220,000 this year! There were villages typically every 5-10 km, so carrying food wasn't necessary, nor a tent for that matter. We had a ball and I highly recommend it if you plan on seeing some of Europe by foot.

I'm working on a book about that experience as well and will be my second book. The title might be A FEW MORE ZEROES. I guess I'll have to start thinking about the next adventure, this is getting to be a habit. 

Have a great New Year and stay warm...

Dennis "K1" Blanchard

AT 07/08

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That must have been a wonderful trip! I've read several articles and seen an episode of Globe Trekker on the Camino de Santiago and it's always looked interesting.


Dawn, you might want to check out the movie,THE WAY, starring Martin Sheen, coming out on DVD on 21 Feb (2012). It is filmed on the Camino and even though the story is fiction, the scenery and sentiments of the movie do a credible job of giving a snapshot of life on the Camino.

I'd seen a trailer for that awhile ago and it looked interesting. Thanks for the reminder, I will check it out.



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