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Greetings. We are fairly new to hiking and have done only day hikes on loop trails until now. We are hoping to hike some or all of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in New Jersey in the coming months, but it doesn't make sense to do it as a series of out-and-back hikes. Nonetheless, because we will bring only one vehicle to the point of embarkation we may be limited to out-and-back hikes. How do other hikers manage day hikes or even multi-day hikes on the AT without using multiple vehicles? Thank you!

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Hi Jody & Pat - We use other trails to make loops with the AT. Sometimes you still have to retrace your route, but mostly you can make loops - for example, Dunnfield Creek to Sunfish Pond and return via the AT, Coppermines – Rattlesnake Swamp, or in High Point, Iris - AT Loop.

The Kittatinny Trails map set is a must-get if you don't already have it.

If you are thinking about doing some camping, check out TJ's blogs, he has several on the AT ...





Thank you, Dawn. This is helpful.

Hi Jodi and Pat - It's kinda pricey, but there is an outfit based in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania called Edge of the Woods outfitters that will shuttle you. You can leave your car there and hike to some easy access point for them to pick you up and return to DWG.  http://www.edgeofthewoodsoutfitters.com/atshuttles.html

Also you might post here or places like whiteblaze.net (site devoted to hiking the AT) and find trail angels that will do it for cheaper.

Good luck and happy trails! - TJK

Thank you very much, TJ. This is helpful. Cheers.

I have used the AT shuttle list twice, once in Virginia and once in Connecticut but not in New Jersey.  Got very nice drivers both times that didn't mind shuttling my dog and I believe I paid $25-$30 for each shuttle. They have people listed in every state the AT goes through so might be worth a try.  http://www.appalachiantrail.org/docs/default-document-library/at-sh...

Thank you very much, Daniela. This is good to know.

There are a number of loop hikes that you can find on www.nynjtc.org.

However, some out and back sections are unavoidable.


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