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A.T. and Surrounding Trails Closed at Sunfish Pond, Worthington State Forest

Due to a forest fire, the A.T. is closed along Sunfish Pond as well as all trails surrounding the pond as they are being used by firefighters.  If you are heading that way on Sunday, 8/8/10, you might want to check first to see if trails have been opened.

Click here for the New Jersey Herald Article

The article says the A.T. is closed from Camp Mohican Road to I-80.  I hiked from the Copper Mines Trail (which is just shy of Camp Mohican Road) south to Sunfish Pond on Saturday 8/7 and that whole section was open.  A forest ranger was stationed right before the turquoise trail goes to the left from the A. T. heading south at Sunfish Pond and he stated the A.T. was closed from that point on.

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Thanks for the info!

For anyone looking for info on what trails are closed, this update from 8/8/10 lists the sections of Kaiser, Coppermines and AT affected:



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