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So I was kinda shocked to see September's issue of Backpacker Magazine list the d*mn "Egg" at Harriman as the the "best vista" in New York. I'm not asking you guys if you agree with that - I'm asking if you think it's the best vista in Harriman?

(It listed Catfish Tower on the AT as the best vista in Jersey)

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Haven't been to the Egg, but I have seen NYC from the top of Black Mtn, and I thought it was special. Too bad you can hear cars all night from that peak.

Catfish tower is kind of nice, but I'm especially partial to Rattlesnake Mtn for a NJ view. Culver fire tower is also pretty spectacular (did I spell that right?)

I never even went to the Egg and I was 200ft from it on my Harriman Overnight at Stone. Rough day hiking. I will be checking Catfish, Rattlesnake and Culver in 2 weeks when I do the NJ/AT 70 miler though! I'll have to check out Black Mountain, but the car traffic noise really bothers me too - thanks for commenting. - TJK

 The best views of anything, anywhere is tough subject to talk about. We have all grown up in our shoes looking out at the world through our eyes. People can go on the same day, at the same time, to the same place, and see the same thing, and come away with a different idea of what view has moved them the most. The greatest thing about what I have just read is that someone has taken the time and shared a great moment with me. 

 A example in my view. In one beautifully clear day, one can take a trip and see or photograph views of the NYC skyline from South mountain reservation, Eagle rock reservation, Mills reservation, Rifle Camp, and Garrett mountain. A trip south to north on the first mountain of the Watchung Mountains. It may be hard to decide which view is better. In my imagining the place and thing I would like to do as a earth bound soul would be to climb up the stars of the Garrett mountain tower and photograph a continuous 360 degree panoramic view aviable only there. This is imposable due the tower being closed to tourists.


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