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My brother and I decided to hike around Brendan Bryne State Park. I wanted to try out a GPS tracker for my phone (Open GPS Tracker for Android) and a Google Chrome app called breadcrumbs. I regret not taking more photos but overall I am pretty pleased with the results. I will probably do some more tracking like this but would like some feedback to see if people would be interested in seeing more trail posts like this. Any and all feedback welcome. Thanks!


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I always find this kind of information helpful and would love to see more.  I don't use a GPS but seeing the tracks of others can help in hike planning.  Just one question - does it have to be in meters/kilometers or do you have the option of showing feet/miles instead?

GPS track sites like this are helpful so you can see the trail in relation to areas within the park and compare to a trail map, as well as see where it's situated in the state by zooming out.

I was wondering about the units too... look at the upper right and click on "Display units: imperial" to change to feet.


Sorry about the unit measurement display. I see no option to change it other than the upper right. I'll be trying this out again soon. Plan to take more pictures of trail heads and any surprises on the trail. Should have plenty to play with since I plan on a lot more hikes this fall/winter. Got to get myself geared up to try the entire Batona Trail in 2 days come this spring!


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