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Curiosity off of the Appalachian Trail in High Point/Stokes

I was combing through some topographic maps looking for old farm roads and remains of old homesteads swallowed up by Stokes, High Point, and the DWG.  NJ history is as much a hobby as hiking for me.  I came across this road which crosses the Appalachian Trail right around the border between Stokes State Forest and High Point State Park-the road is circled in red and the AT is highlighted in yellow.  There are plenty of abandoned fire and logging roads in the forest, but this one is interesting because it seems to traverse some kind of bridge as evidenced by where it passes through the water on the map:

Here is how the pond appears on a satellite image:


Does anyone know what this is?  I figured that since it was so close to the AT that maybe some hikers who had done this section had seen it or might know what it is.  I'm hoping to get up there and see for myself sometime soon.  

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Maybe Colonel Kutz buried treasure there before selling to off to NJ! If we don't' hear from you again, I'm going to assume you found it and have retired to your own private Island.

LOL...not quite.  As it turns out its an old farm road that is part of the Lusscroft Farms property (which is part of High Point State Park-I didn't know that).  Still interesting though-I'll have to check it out the next time I'm up that way.

Not sure, but I'll bet that the pond came after the road. it would be a hard sell to convince me that someone would build a bridge over such a small body of water - too easy to go around.


Went to my Garmin Basecamp app. It appears to be two ponds with the road splitting it.

Looks the same on Google maps.

It could have been (could still be) a waste pond for the farm.


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