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IMO duct tape is one of those "ten essentials" every hiker/backpacker should carry on the trail and in the car.

I've seen - and used - it for some of the most unlikely fixes. More than a few tapings performed so well and so efficiently, the initial, temporary gerry-rigging became permanent solutions.  (i.e.: hose repairs in lieu of purchasing new ones; outdoor furniture that really needed nailing or screwing; bird houses & feeders either needing same or total replacement; and, oh yeah, hems in pants, too-long shirts and jacket sleeves I've yet to sew properly w/needle & thread and have miraculously managed to come through several washer & dryer cycles unscathed.)

Such a permanent repair usage may be the case w/this particular duct tape application we encountered weekend before last coming back from our version of NJ Hiking's Pyramid Mtn. Hike.

Hey...as I'm sure nearly every hiker has said at one MacGyver moment or another:  "Whatever works!" 



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That's one serious amount of duct tape on there!


I believe it was Red Green who said you need only 2 things to handle any situation: Duct Tape and WD40. If it dosen't move and it should, use WD40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use Duct Tape.

Do I really want to know what that duct tape is covering??????? Maybe just a few strands left in that old hefty rope...


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