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For foliage resources & reports, update your bookmarks to "NJ Fall Foliage".

The 2012 NJ Fall Foliage season has begun - get out and start enjoying the color!

Autumn color can be fleeting and elusive, so to help others in search of where the color is around New Jersey (as well as nearby areas in PA/NY), you can post Fall Foliage updates in this forum.

For a list of foliage resources, check out our "NJ Fall Foliage" page. (If you have foliage resources we don't have listed there - web sites, twitter feeds, or whatnot - post them here and we'll add to our foliage page)

Post the park or area, the amount of color (ie, unchanged, low, medium, peak color), and the date, and we'll add the report to the "NJ Fall Foliage" page. Include a photo if you have one!

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Terrace Pond, Wawayanda S.P: High to peak color on the trails, with a good amount of leaf cover on the trail itself. Peak to past-peak color from the viewpoint and at the pond area.

Route 287 corridor from New Brunswick to West Milford: High color

Maurice River Bluffs/Southern New Jersey: The rain on Friday really pushed the color changing along and things seemed a lot more colorful this weekend then they had been. MaysLanding/Ocean City area seemed a lot further ahead in terms of changing color.

Turnpike from exit 8A - 6: High color, 50-60% changed; from 6 - 3: Moderate - high, 40-50% color change. 

Terrace Pond:


Along the trail:

Maurice River Bluffs:

10/25/2012 - Henry Hudson Trail South (Aberdeen to Marlboro)

I had to be in Aberdeen at 6 am this morning for about 1 1/2 hours so I was going to walk the shore section of the Henry Hudson Trail instead of fighting rush hour traffic heading back north.  When I stepped out into daylight at 7:30 am (it was dark when I got there) and saw the peak foliage I immediately changed my mind and headed for the southern part of the Henry Hudson Trail.  The shore will always be there, the foliage won't.  Leaves were starting to come down in droves so they won't be there much longer.

10/29/12 - Hurricane Sandy will likely put an abrupt end to the foliage season in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Hacklebarney State Park - Peak to past-peak color, with significant leaf drop.

Route 287 and 206 corridor from New Brunswick to Chester - also at peak to past-peak.

I hope all are well in NJ with hurricane Sandy blowing through. It feels so strange to be here in Florida, concerned about our friends up north. All the best.

Dennis "K1" Blanchard

Truly, the world's been turned topsy-turvy.


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