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For foliage resources & reports, update your bookmarks to "NJ Fall Foliage".

The 2013 NJ Fall Foliage season has begun!

Autumn color can be fleeting and elusive, so to help others in search of where the color is around New Jersey (as well as nearby areas in PA/NY), you can post Fall Foliage updates in this forum.

For a list of foliage resources, check out our "NJ Fall Foliage" page. (If you have foliage resources we don't have listed there - web sites, twitter feeds, or whatnot - post them here and we'll add to our foliage page)

Post the park or area, the amount of color (ie, unchanged, low, medium, peak color), and the date, and we'll add the report to the "NJ Fall Foliage" page. Include a photo if you have one!

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Black Rock Forest, NY - 10/18/13

There is some great color in Black Rock Forest right now, the nicest I have seen this year.  Lots of bright yellow, peach and orange.  There are still sections of mostly green trees here and there but also a lot of leaf drop.  I would say color change is about 60 - 70%.

More pictures HERE.

Van Campen's Glen, Friday 10/18

Not much color, lots of leaves down.

Swartswood State Park, NJ - 10/20/13

Show's over.  About 90% leaf drop.  :(  

More pictures HERE and HERE

High Point State Park -Peak to past peak, 50% leaf drop.
Rt 23 on the way to High Point - Mostly past peak.
Rt. 206 through Chester - moderate to high color, 20% leaf drop.
Rt 287 on the way to Chester - moderate, still a decent amount of green.

Lake Rutherford from the AT


View from the AT (the pipeline cut is just begging to be retouched out of this)

Lake Rutherford from the Iris Trail

Ramapo Mountain State Forest - Peak color to past peak; 70% leaf drop
Rt 287 N, Morristown area to exit 57 - Mix of moderate to high color, 50% leaf drop

The Pinnacle and the Pulpit - The Appalachian Trail in Hamburg, PA - High to Peak color, with 30% leaf drop
Rt 78 W, from Rt 287 to Round Valley area - Moderate to high color, 20% leaf drop
Rt 78 W, from Round Valley area to Hamburg, PA - High to peak color, 30% leaf drop

The Pinnacle

Todd Lake at Ramapo Mountain S.F.

Round Valley Reservoir
- Peak color, with 50-60% leaf drop
In general, color is at peak across central NJ and into southeastern PA

Cheesequake State Park - Peak color, with 70% leaf drop
Rt. 18 thru Matawan - Peak color

Stokes State Forest, 11/03/13

Along the Blue Mountain and Silver Mine Trails, still some small patches of color:

Palisades Interstate Park, NJ - 11/4/2013

Spectacular color!  Lots of leaf drop but that is as colorful as the trees.

So I guess the show's not over :-)

(looks beautiful! Too bad i'm trapped on some home improvement projects)

The home improvement projects will be there later, the foliage won't.  GO NOW!!!! :) :)

Thanks for the advice. I've been trying to beat the cold weather on some outdoor painting...but it looks like I'll be done this weekend. Maybe (just maybe!) I can get out on Sunday.


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