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2015 NJ Fall Foliage Reports

Autumn color can be fleeting and elusive, so to help others in search of where the color is around New Jersey (as well as nearby areas in PA/NY), you can post Fall Foliage updates in this forum.

(If you have foliage resources we don't have listed there - web sites, twitter feeds, or whatnot - post them here and we'll add to our foliage page)

Post the park or area, the amount of color (ie, unchanged, low, medium, peak color), and the date, and we'll add the report to the "NJ Fall Foliage" page. Include a photo if you have one!

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October 21st - Monmouth County - 7:15 AM

10/24/15 - Ringwood S.P. - Skylands Manor – Ilgenstein Rock/Erskine Lookout - Peak color, with leaf drop happening

10/26/15 - Norvin Green S.F. - Wyanokie High Point and Carris Hill - Peak color

10/31/15 - Baldpate Mountain, Goat Hill Overlook (nearby, close to Lambertville), and Mercer County in general - Peak color; with some trees having dropped their leaves.

Goat Hill Overlook - looking into New Hope PA:

every time the wind blows or rain comes...more leaves on ground and less leaves on tree...enjoy

autumn now - Monmouth County

11/2/15 - Cheesequake S.P. [Middlesex County]... still plenty of color to be found, but moving past peak with lots of leaf drop.

leaves are really starting to fall - enjoy what's left of the season - Monmouth County

11/4/2015 - Helyar Woods @ Rutgers Gardens [Middlesex County]. More color on the trees than expected; but lots of leaf drop too.

Monmouth County - enjoying today's beautiful weather at my secret spot ("Cathedrals")

Monmouth County...still plenty of color but leaves falling..."selfie" for scale

more leaves on ground then on trees - secret spot 11/8/15


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