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2015 NJ Fall Foliage Reports

Autumn color can be fleeting and elusive, so to help others in search of where the color is around New Jersey (as well as nearby areas in PA/NY), you can post Fall Foliage updates in this forum.

(If you have foliage resources we don't have listed there - web sites, twitter feeds, or whatnot - post them here and we'll add to our foliage page)

Post the park or area, the amount of color (ie, unchanged, low, medium, peak color), and the date, and we'll add the report to the "NJ Fall Foliage" page. Include a photo if you have one!

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9/5/15 - Stonetown Circular Trail - Norvin Green/Long Pond Ironworks SP [Passaic County]

A little early foliage, likely from trees stressed by lack of rain.

9/12/15 - Bear Mountain S.P. - New York - West Mountain, The Timp, Bald Mountain

Some early foliage here and there, some leaf drop.

first reds, oranges, and golds at my "secret" spot in monmouth county (10/3/15)

10/5/15 - Sunrise Mountain - Stokes S.F. [Sussex County]

Still low color in the northwest corner of the state, and low to no change elsewhere. Decent amount of leaf drop at Stokes – the winds from Hurricane Joaquin didn't help. Foliage is running a little behind this year, after a warmer than normal September.

Rt. 287 corridor north from New Brunswick – barely any color.

Rt. 206 corridor thru Chester - low color, mostly yellows.

Rt. 206 corridor thru Andover - low color with pockets of moderate. Mostly yellows but some pops of reds.

Oct 9 2015 - Mt. Paul Lake - Jefferson Twp, NJ.

10/11/15 - Maurice River Bluffs - [Cumberland County]

Low, but pops of moderate to high color at water’s edge. Weather changes this week have kicked all of NJ into at least low color, with the northwestern corner of the state showing moderate with some high color.

From central Jersey south into Cumberland County:
-Turnpike Exit 9 – Exit 3: Low, 20-30%
-Rt. 55 – Deptford thru Millville: Low, 20-30%

10/12/15 - Harriman State Park – Lemon Squeezer, from Elk Pen Parking Lot [New York, just over the border from NJ]
Moderate 30-40%, with high color around Island Pond and low, wet areas. Nice pops of reds seen from Lichen trail.

From central Jersey north into New York:
-GSP from ~Exit 130 to NY Border – Low, 30%
-New York Thruway to Rt 17 thru Tuxedo – Moderate, 30%-50%

Island Pond, side trail from the Appalachian Trail:

Lichen Trail:

Appalachian Trail:

October 14, 2015 - Monmouth County

October 15, 2015 - Monmouth County

even in black and white...its a very pretty time of year

Monmouth County - today October 20th


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