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Got in a few good plugs for hiking in NJ in radio interview...

Hi Folks:


I had the pleasure of having an interview on a Florida Radio network, RadioSRQ, about my hike of the Appalachian Trail and the subsequent book that came from it: Three Hundred Zeroes. I believe a number of folks on the this forum have already read the book.

RadioSRQ Interview

In part two of the interview I was able to comment about how much I enjoyed the NJ section, bears and all. It is a long interview, close to an hour and it is in two parts. If you have time, take a listen and please don't laugh too hard at the "Gabby Hayes" photo of me. I dressed in character for the interview with my hiking clothes, hat and all.


Sorry you're getting such a tough winter up there this year, but Spring is coming. I'm one of those rare folks that live in Florida that actually do miss the snow.


Dennis "K1" Blanchard

AT 07/08



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Dennis - terrific interview, just finished listening to it this morn. I've posted the interview link on Twitter and our Facebook page, because I think others would enjoy it as well.


We like snow, but the snowfall has been a little overkill this year, so we are looking forward to Spring already!





How nice to put a voice to the face (and book)!  Great interview!

Thanks Dawn.


NJ may be short on AT, but it is long on memories. In fact, I'm trying to film a book trailer and for one scene I need to find a bear costume. This concerns a very interesting bear encounter at Wayayanda. I have a local NJ hiker, AT '92 "Old Crow," (she winters here in Sarasota) that has the perfect "Jersey" accent for the film. She would be one of the "bear" voices. The film is a comedy and should be fun to put together. when it becomes a reality, I'll post it on YouTube and put something here. 


Know where I can find a bear costume,  or a friendly bear?


Dennis "K1" 

AT 07/08

Author of Three Hundred Zeroes: Lessons of the Heart on the Appalachian Trail


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