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Has one ever happened? It would be great to have other folks to hike with.

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There hasn't been NJ Hiking group hike, and we don't run organized hikes. However, part of the reason we built the Connect site was to allow hikers to get together informally if they wanted.

So I just added a "meetups" category in the forum for people who'd like to find people to hike with.



Hello Joe.

If you get something going ---shoot me a email----I have to start getting out even if its for a couple hrs.

Sounds good Brian. I'm going to just start posting my upcoming hikes here with an open invitation to all. Right now the heat is really putting me off. I was planning on hiking Allamuchy on Tuesday but 90 degrees and humid doesn't sound healthy for my dog.
I put off my Allamuchy hike until Sunday the 31st. Anyone care to join? I'm going to try to hit the trail by 9am (which means waking up at 630 and leaving my house by 7ish, which is why I say try.)

Hello Joe,, This weekend isn't good for me for a Allamuchy meet and hike.  My friends and I have a  2 week rental down the shore. Can't get there during the week so the only time is weekend..  Maybe next time .  have fun.

I hiked in Tourne Park near Boonton yesterday and there was a nice breeze being as much of the trail is under a canopy of trees, but overall it was very hot.  The bugs were bad, too, even after applying bug spray.  First time hiking this park and I would definitely return.  Nice views of NYC in the far distance and just enough of a workout for a lazy Sunday mid-morning hike.  We passed several others on the trails - this seems to be a park that is enjoyed by hikers, dog walkers and bikers alike.

Would be interested in some organized hikes, specifically looking to get better acquainted w/ the Wawayanda area and Norvin Green.  Thanks!


I hike in Allamuchy quite often during the week, during the mornings and afternoons. You ever need company, send me an e-mail.


Jack Brunner

I'd be up for meeting with others.

I'm taking my first hike with this group this weekend:  http://www.meetup.com/Metrotrails/ 

Hi all. I'd like to meet others to hike/camp with. I'm in Bergen county.


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