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Wondering if hiking is still on your schedules during these beastly, bloody hot days?

We so covet the precious weekend time for hikes that we're considering trying to get a hike in tomorrow (Saturday) despite the heat index-warnings.  (The weather venues seem to be a bit more definite about thunderstorms for Sunday earlier in the day and lasting throughout.) 

I can handle the heat slightly better than DH.  But when such record-breaking heat is combined w/humidity,  even I have to wonder what is the better part of hiking valor under those circumstances. 

We set up a criteria in light of the predicted heat warnings for tomorrow:

  • Must be on the trail absolutely no later than 8:00am. Earlier if possible.
  • (Which means) Hike must be within shortest possible driving distance.
  • Least strenuous w/o being too easy-peasy.
  • Something we can finish before predicted late-afternoon thunderstorms.

Our choice, so far, is Sourland.  We did it over a year ago.  Just long ago enough to forget a lot of it. About the only aspect I remember is sitting on the Roaring Rocks  and that certain sections were pretty muddy.  Bleech!  Not something I'm particularly looking forward to especially after this morning's thunderstorms. But...it is an hour's drive from home, and the hike itself was fairly easy and not too long.  

So how's your Hot Hiking? 


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We have similar criteria for hot weather, but we also try to avoid anything with too much time on a ridge in the sun. Sourland is a good choice for hot weather, as is Baldpate in that they are close but still ok hike-wise.

If it's really going to be a icky out we just go bike riding instead... it tends to be cooler whizzing down a tow path somewhere. There have been many times we've opted for a hike and it was just too hot to really enjoy it. We're still trying to determine if this is going to be a hiking or biking weekend.

The only good thing about this weather is that it's a good excuse to get ice cream afterward. (Like we ever need an excuse).


I have about the same criteria as you, Linda, especially because of Shawnee - imagine being in a fur coat hiking in this heat.  I had decided on Allamuchy Mountain State Park - Waterloo Village to Dear Park Pond because that seemed to be on the flatter side with just one uphill fairly early on and not that bad of one.  As it turned out, I woke up at 3 am and could not get back to sleep.  That rarely happens.  So I gave up trying to fall back asleep at 4 am and was out and on the trail at 5:45 am with the sun coming up - it was wonderful, not to mention 10 degrees cooler than at my house.  Then the bugs woke up.  Screaming "I HAVE DEEP WOODS OFF! ON,  DAMMIT!" at them is useless and they just end up flying in your mouth.  Surprisingly there were NO bugs at Deer Park Pond and they were tolerable at Waterloo Village near the canal and Musconetcong River.  Away from the water the bugs were horrible. 

We were ready to leave early enough this a.m. w/all intentions to do Sourland, but the impending heat & possible thunderstorms (which never materialized as it turned out), just squeezed all the enthusiasm out of it for us.  Since we were ready to head out anyway, we just opted to stay really close to home & hit Manasquan Reservoir shortly after it opened.  I do the 5+ mi. Reservoir loop + 1extra mile each morning anyway (except when it's pouring), but never that early.  It was interesting to see it in - literally - a different light as well as experience the earlier morning birds & critters that are probably napping when I usually get there later in the morning.

We'd considered Allamuchy as well as Apshawa for second choices and tonight thought about doing one of these or opt for our original choice of Sourland for Sunday.  But w/your buggy-update, Daniela, Allamuchy isn't all that appealing now even if the scenery & terrain is.  Sadly, Sunday is now auguring for more definite likelihood of thunderstorms in all area, too.  

I really am aching to do a hike, but the weather is so darn ambiguous.I know we'll do something Sunday.  If for no other reason than to warrant that ice cream! *wink*



We ended up biking the D&R Canal south from Rocky Hill today. We hadn't had the bikes out this season yet so this was a good weekend to get 'em rolling. About 75% of the towpath there is in shade... and with an early start we can beat the heat and do an easy 20 miles and be off the trail (and headed for ice cream) by noon or so.


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