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Since New Jersey continues to be uncooperative with adequate snowfall to reliably snowshoe, we're off to the wa-a-a-ay northern regions of New Hampshire this Saturday for a long-overdue and most-anticipated week-long snowshoe vacation!

I'll be dusting off the shoes; hoping I still fit into my snowshoe-designated winter boots and ski pants; packing the heating pad; stuffing a knapsack w/Advils; and heading for Jackson/Bartlett, New Hampshire in The White Mountains.  

I've been scouring websites & weather venues to keep as up-to-date w/snow conditions as possible. In the process I came across WeaterStreet.com that gives snow depths/fall as well as regular weather.  Put in the location, scroll down and click on Local Area Snow Depth. 

Hopefully we'll be able to put together some great memories and only have to manage the minimal amount of expected, usual aches and pains that can be adequately treated with prescribed portions of pizza and increments of ice cream.  :)


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Hi Linda - hope you find some snow this weekend. Certainly not going to find it here in Jersey... I'm sitting here with the windows open...

Weather Street is a great snow map. We have that and some other links over on the Winter Hiking page but that is usually the best one. (Love how the weather in NH is in the 40s except today on Mt. Washington where it's 12 degrees... truly the home of the "World's Worst Weather"!)


njHiking.com said:

...Mt. Washington where it's 12 degrees... truly the home of the "World's Worst Weather"!)

We've been to Mt. Washington before via the Cog Railway.  But this time we're planning to take the "SnowCoach" run by Great Glen Trails near the base of Mt. Washington.  Kind of a big van on tank treads. It goes up the auto road (not quite sure if it's to the summit), and if they wish, any passenger(s) can snowshoe back down.  Whuppity-Doo!  Providing it's not gale-force wind conditions, we're hoping to be able to do just that.

First bit of good karma auguring for our trip:  my favorite, snowshoe-designated boots still fit as do my ski pants!  Double Whuppity-Doo!!  I could have dealt w/my feet having outgrown my boots, but would have had serious issues if the same held true for my pants. :(


That should be neat. We've only hiked Mt Washington once, and we lucked out with a gorgeous, perfectly clear day. It would be interesting to be there in the snow though.

Oh and milk is good for muscle recovery after exercise... therefore after-hike ice cream is technically for "medicinal purposes"... :)



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