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Was wondering if anybody else has downloaded the NJ State Park app on the Iphone (its run by Pocket Ranger, so you have to search under that name, but they are created in alliance with the State Parks).. I downloaded the ones for PA, NJ and DE . It's pretty interesting and even breaks down parks by activities if you wish. Some of them have maps, and they can all give you instant directions from where you are. I have noticed, however, the DE app does not work at this time so hopefully that will get fixed. The only other issue I see, is there is an alert button that can automatically call for help if needed.... this button is pretty easy to hit by accident, or while in your pocket.. I havent found a way to turn that off yet. Otherwise, its a good app (and they are free).

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We've tried out the apps, they're decent but we don't find ourselves using them much - probably because I tend to plan hikes by pulling from lots of different sources and using our main computer. Having the maps available in the apps are a nice feature though.



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