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  my wife and i wanted to hike the Lenape Ridge -Minisink loop in NY just past the end of rt. 23-but couldn't find a trailhead at either end --Minisink looks like it should be right on rt. 6-no luck -with the other end off Minisink ave--very residential area -unable to find it--went to high point instead -but would like to try these trails--thanks

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We haven't been to that area but the since the parking circles on the map are grey, that means they are roadside parking... and some of those roadside parking spots are really easy to miss, and the blazes not obvious.

Out of curiosity I checked if Google Streetview is available in the area, and it is on Rt. 6. If no one else chimes in with in answer for you, you could always try poking around on Streetview, here. I did a quick look and saw possibilties, but nothing for sure.



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