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This Saturday, June 4th, is National Trails Day.  Many hiking/biking associations, clubs, parks, etc.  throughout the country are planning events for this day to honor our nation's (thankfully) ever-increasing network of trails and encourage both veteran and newbie outdoor enthusiasts to get outside and enjoy them.  Many new trails & extensions of trails will be officially opened on this day as well.


For more info go to:The American Hiking Society and go HERE to check on events being held specifically in New Jersey. 


We haven't decided on where we might be going yet.  The weather may make our decision moot regardless.  But we were fooled by ominous predictions from the weatherman last weekend and luckily wound up with a couple of great days to hike.  Here's hoping for this weekend, too. :)



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I'm thinking about going up to the Pinchot Trail.

Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to tweet/FB the trails day link all week. I think this weekend is shaping up for some weather too.



As of about, oh...five minutes before this posting...it's a toss up between Allamuchy , which I can't believe we've never done and Weis Ecology/Norvin Green.  Wanted to repeat Weis now in the spring after experiencing it last fall.  Although neither has specific NTD events planned, my hiking sense reminds me the real purpose of the Day is about just getting the heck outside and enjoying the journey.  ***Seems to me I've heard a phrase similar to that once before. :) ***

BTW, Joseph, do you think you might be doing the North section or the South section of Pinchot?  Pinchot's been on my "To Do" list, but it's a bit of a trek for us to get out there.  Good news is that there appears to be adequate trail mileage to warrant that long a drive.  Might even be something to consider for an extended or a 3-day weekend, and we could include Hickory Run State Park just south of Thornhust, Pa. where Pinchot's located. 

Be interested in reading a report from you if you do decide to go.  Enjoy...wherever you go.


I'm thinking about the South section. I think we are going to scout it out for a possible overnight backpack next month.




Hope you have a great time, Joseph.  Thanks for the link.  23 miles is one good stretch of the legs, as they say.  That's why I'm thinking an overnighter or longer weekend might be in the cards.  As wimpy as this may sound, I think we'd opt for a Holiday Inn in lieu of a night out under the stars. While we can hike up a storm, hubby's back just doesn't "do" camp cots, sleeping bags or car camping mattresses. :(  However, an RV or a pop-up in a campground...well...now you're talking. :)


We've decided, btw, on Allamuchy this Saturday and following the trail taken by Daniela Wagstaff back in May.  I'm grateful for her extremely detailed description of her hike on her blog Gone Hikin.  But, how I'm gonna get up at 6:00am I'll never know. Think I'll nap while hubby drives the second leg up to Sussex County. Enjoy the weekend everyone, and enjoy the after-hike requisite pizza and/or ice cream! 


Glad my description was helpful for you Linda - hope you enjoy the hike!  I celebrated Trail Days yesterday.  With Thursday being such a gorgeous day and Friday forecast as a carbon copy, I took Friday off and headed to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania.  I have wanted to go there for years but for a 3 hour drive each way, conditions had to be perfect on a week day (weekends are way too crowded at the waterfalls) and yesterday was that perfect day.  I ended up hiking almost 17 miles - a new record for me.  I left my house at 5:45 am and did not return home until 10 pm - a long day but a really, really great day and so worth the trip.  Had the sun not been setting, I could have kept on hiking.  Click here for the details of the hike. Let me know how you like the Pinchot Trail, Joseph.  I've been meaning to get around to that one, too.


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