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I recently left a post on NY/NY Trail Conf.'s website lamenting the lack of updated information in their website's report on conditions of a number of bridges and washed out trails in Harriman as a result of last year's hurricanes Irene & Lee.  

(In particular I was concerned about conditions on The Nurian Trail, which is involved in a rather interesting prospective hike):  The Kerson Nurian Hike Revisited.) 

In response to that concern & post, I just received an email from Walt Daniels at the TC informing me that they've just updated their report on conditions.  

Here's the link they sent me:


Thanks Walt.  As far as The Nurian...a formerly washed out bridge has been repaired.   But he warns the only drawback is the 34 inch "step" to get up to it.  No big deal really.  It's the bridge that was my main concern. ;)


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Linda - thanks for the update! I've updated the Harriman bridges link on our Trail Conditions page as well as shared the info on Facebook/Twitter.


That's great, Dawn.  BTW, relative to that Kerson Nurian Trail Revisited (...and, yes, "revisited" is actually part of the hike's name), I was wondering if anyone has ever done this trail?  

"Revisited"....yet another one of Harriman's colorfully-named trails as you recently pointed out. ;)



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