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Neither I nor my husband hunt.  We hike.  Regardless of our personal anti-hunting sentiments, knowing when and where it's safe to hike this time of year is important.

 I remember last year my frustration in trying to find a definitive hunting schedule listing dates for NJ state forests and parks.  All I was ever able to find (and for the most am still only able to find) is a NJ Fish & Wildlife schedule that lists areas/zones where various types of hunting is allowed. No dates. While they do have a separate pdf document schedule listing zones and corresponding dates, it's incredibly convoluted, nearly 100 pages long and near impossible to navigate.  NJHunters Digest also has similar lengthy, indecipherable pages as well.

So far, the best I've been able to locate is a hunting schedule for Morris County Parks/Forests.

If anyone knows any schedules for hunting dates in NY parks/forests, I'd really appreciate it.  I think it would be a helpful guide for others as well.

Thanks, Linda 

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everyone, as of january 20th 2012 hunting season for the most part is done untill the following september. however there is a spring turkey season.  FYI turkey hunters can only hunt till noon during the season.




 We're only 1/2 hour's drive away so we're headed out later than usual to Wells Mills today for a New Year's Eve-Day hike.  We've done it before and know how long it will take us so not concerned about the late start.  

BUT....we're a bit confused about the hunting schedule.  We called the park office this morning to make sure there wasn't any hunting going on in areas surrounding the park.  They said that while the trails were opened for hiking, there was still hunting going on today (Saturday) in nearby properties.  

We're still going, but a bit leery.  Will let you know what we find out while there.  Happy New Year, everyone!


Wells Mills park itself is non-hunting, but closes during firearm season because of the properties surrounding it. This years dates were Dec 5 - 10 and Dec 14.

I wouldn't hesitate to hike there as the park itself is non-hunting – but we tend to wear something orange this time of year anywhere we hike.



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