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Last night Orion (my dog) and I spent the night camped out at Backpacker site #2 in Worthington State Forest. It was a first time experiment of camping with Orion and despite an intense storm in the middle of night all went well.

We literally had the place to ourselves!

So my problem is this. I carried in what I thought would be enough water for both of us plus water to boil for dinner and breakfast. I have an Osprey bladder in my pack and I had two 32oz bottles in the side pockets. This allowed for both of us to stay hydrated as well meals, or so I thought. After dinner is was clear that breakfast (and coffee!) would have to be skipped for me so Orion would have enough water.

The Osprey bladder doesn't allow for draining water out for cooking unless you open the main hatch which is not very neat and tidy. In the past I have had Orion carry in his own water in his pack but I feel like it might be too much work for him. So...any suggestions?

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Great photo!


We aren't into backpacking, so I am not too sure what to suggest. I do read Backpacker Mag, but haven't seen bringing enough water for a dog addressed. I suppose there is the option of locating available water sources ahead of time, and using a filtration apparatus to refill.


Platypus is another company that makes hydration products, and they have a  water "tank" that looks like it could be poured to make meal prep easier:




Thanks for the advice! I will definitely look into that Platypus.



If anyone finds themselves on this trail on Wednesday, Orion and I are going up for another overnight. Stop in and say Hi! It looks like the weather is going to be great.


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