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Can anyone give me some suggestions for for places to park along the east side of Harriman Park? We have camped in a bunch of places along the west side (Rte. 17) I've been out of the Elk Pen so many times, i should have a reserved spot :-)

Back in the spring, we thought we might do an overnight starting from Kakiat Park, but we found out (as we were about to unload) that you can't park there overnight, so we ended up wandering north and finally parked near the SBM. 

We don't do very much distance on overnights, just a few miles in and back out the next day, so not having parking available really limits us from exploring the east side of the park.

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  Hi Paul; I would have answered sooner but just joined today. The east side of Harriman park is 25 miles long or more if you follow the outline of the park. If you wish to explore the area around Kakiat County park it is set up more for day hiking. You could park at the visitors center, and hike in to the east side ridge.  Have you overnighted at any of the shelters. I suggest you do some day hikes to find places you like. The parks Harriman and Bear mountain are full of them. They are just one big park.

Hi Frank. Glad to have you onboard and Thanks for the reply. I have been to the west side of the park a bunch and often have parked at Tiorati but somehow the southeast corner of the park has eluded me. We thought that going in on the Kakiat from the county park would be a nice change; but alas! It was not to be. I managed to find out a little more...there is a parking lot at Diltz road (aka Diltz's Lane) that I am told would be ok for overnight parking. That would be at the trailhead of the Pine Meadow trail, so that is on our list for the future. But I still want to find out about Kakiat Park area.

Paul; That lot doesn't connect directly with the PM. From your car it is over a 2 mile walk Including the up hill to get to the top of the ridge to the PM. Maybe more. Still it is a great place to hike.


Oops. My bad. The T-MI trail shows a trailhead at Diltz Road parking. I guess I should only reply when i have the map handy. Thanks for the heads-up. I would have found out eventually :-)

Paul no matter what the distance is. It will be a good hike, and a great day.

Take care, frank 


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