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Hi there. I'm looking for a partner or a group to join on on this Pyngyp Hike in Harriman. It's a one-way hike and therefore needs two cars. It's 7.5 miles and described as one of the most challenging hikes in Harriman State Park, so if you're up for the challenge... :)



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we are probably doing it fri 10/19/12 or sometime before the clocks change back

Oh that would be nice. I'll have to see if I can get out of working Friday :)

check weather first--i will not do this hike if rainy or even misty unless it is an early morning rain/mist with clearing forecasted. i can possibly do it over the weekend...definitely before nov 6

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/harrimanhike/   here is our hiking group site--we post hikes locally nearly every day....all dog friendly

Sure...from the description it's not one I'd like to do in the rain either :)

I'm hoping that you can plan it for a weekend as I'd love to tag along. Does dog friendly mean that the dogs are friendly? lol. Actually, I do have a fear of dogs...ones I don't know at least, so don't worry if I look seriously frightened at first. I'll get over it.

Thanks for the invite to the group and hopefully I can join you, if not for this one then sometime soon.


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