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Riverwalk Trail, Point Mountain Section, Musconetcong Gorge

Trail Alert, Riverwalk Trail, Point Mountain Section, Musconetcong Gorge, west of Pt. Mountain Road - trail overgrown with thorns.

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Unfortunately, it seems there haven't been many takers to that side of the riverwalk so it's just been "abandoned" I've been to the park a few times this summer as I only live 5 mins away up the hill and have attempted that area twice hoping it'd be better. Nada. If it isn't the endless spider webs you don't notice till you walk through and have to dig off you, once you get close to the river it is quite overgrown and thorny, as if the blue blazes on the trees are mocking you that you can't get through. Not to mention this past summer way too many kids with nothing better to do from the schools likely in nearby Washington or those who go to Voorhees perhaps hanging out all the time at the overlook, smoking, leaving trash behind and spraying graffiti all over the rocks, even saw some on rocks along the river and one big rock down the ridge on the Orange trail . Pretty sad. Kids: nobody cares that you were there, nobody cares which one of your "friends" you're trying to claim is this and that. If you must hang out at the park, leave no trace and pick up after yourselves!

I've added an update note on the hike page for Point Mountain, now recommending to skip that portion of the Riverwalk trail instead of suggesting it as optional. We'd originally noted it was very overgrown but it sounds like it's gotten worse since we hiked it.



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