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i was thinking of doing the NJ section of the AT this fall [work permitting]. has anyone here done it recently? i figure it to be around 80 miles and would give myself and companion 10+ days.

i would want to do it the end of sept / begining of oct.

any and all feedback welcome.


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These are the NJ Shelters along the Trail that I am aware of from South to North, I have seen the first 6 of them and they appear to be decent. They are usually just off the AT marked by a Blue Blaze and some have a sign.  

Shelter/Mile Marker/ Approx Elevation 
Brink Road Shelter 1310.1 / 1110'
Gren Anderson Shelter 1316.7 / 1320'
Mashipacong Shelter 1322.5 / 1425'
Rutherford Shelter 1325.4 / 1345'
High Point Shelter 1329.7 / 1280'
Pochuck Mountain Shelter 1342.1 / 840'
Wawayanda Shelter 1353.6 / 1200'

thanks anthony. however i will most likely not stay in the shelters. i prefer to sleep in my own house, so to speak. but it is good to know were they are if needed. my son is dead set on doing the hammock thing...me not so much.


I don't stay in the shelters either RUNT, but I store the waypoints on my GPS in case of emergency and as a point of reference when I am in the area. 

Be aware that many middle portions of the of the AT in NJ are very rocky, and some are well..." rocky rocky " making it difficult to step on anything but some part of a rock.  

I think the September-October window that you mention is a great choice weather permitting.  

i here you anthony, rocks rocks and more rocks. i spend alot of time in the woods from the gap north to stokes, i am sure there are more rocks the farther north you go. i will store the way points in my new GPS. however i have not used it yet, i am a compass guy. but got the GPS this year for X-mas. its got alot of neet things on it. then again i have never got lost out in the woods or on the water, put me in a car and thats a different story, LOL.  [even with the GPS]. thanks for the info...later



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