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Just before this most recent snow storm, I saw (on more than one occasion) flocks of robins in both Nutley and New Brunswick. Now since I was taught as a boy that robins were a sure sign of spring, I was wondering if any of you had seen other early signs, and maybe one or two of you know what those robins were doing here in February (And where are they hiding now?)


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Now that you mention it, I did see a robin a couple of weeks ago and thought that was odd.  When I moved my garbage can the other day there was a live earthworm under it.  That never happens in the winter.  Also saw a winged bug flying around in the snow.  They must all be confused about the weather.  Punxsutawney Phil sure was.

Yes, it's that time of year...The Skunk Cabbages have returned to Miquin Woods:

I don't hike much in the winter, but I better start getting my act together because i think there will be plenty of opportunities starting early in March


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