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I'm sure most pet owners are aware that Frontline is becoming less effective for tick prevention for dogs, and have been looking into alternatives like K9 Advantix etc.

My brother's vet advised them to switch their dogs to Vectra 3D, and they had good results for awhile but then one ran a reaction recently - poor Dozer woke up in the middle of the night covered in itchy welts.

So I was wondering what tick meds other dog owners are using, and have you had any bad experiences with them?

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When we had problems with Frontline last fall, I switched to K9 Advantix. So far it has worked well and my dog has had no reactions. I have been using it since about last November. I have found a couple of dead ticks in her bed shortly after hiking so it doesn't completely repel them like it claims to but K9 Advantix does seem to kill the ticks before they can latch on and transmit disease. Unfortunately, my dog did test positive for Lyme disease recently, probably contracted last fall when Frontline failed. I knew Frontline had failed when I found live engorged ticks I did not know were on her 5 days after hiking - plenty of time for disease transmission. She was not showing symptoms, just had her tested along with annual blood work because of the Frontline failure. She was treated with antibiotics and her blood has to be tested every 6 months now to be sure the disease is not resurrecting.
Thanks for the info. I've heard other good reports on K9 Advantix as well. My brother is leaning toward using it. The dog with the welt reaction had to be treated for Lymes a few yrs ago but is OK now, and both of their dogs have had Ehrlichiosis... all gotten while taking medication.... so they are really questioning the effectiveness of any of them.

I use K9 Advantix as well after switching from Frontline. I find that more effective. A friend who is a professional K9 handler recommended this cedar oil spray as an addtional measure. This is my first year using it the woods so I will report back later on the results.




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