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Post trail/park conditions for New Jersey (as well as PA/NY) here.

Include the date, park, conditions (how much snow/ice, is it slushy, melted away...) and a trail photo if you have one.

Sharing this info helps other hikers decide if they should make the sometimes long drive to a trailhead, as winter conditions can vary greatly between different areas.

Winter hiking tips and snowfall depth resources can be found on our Winter Hiking page.

Check NJ Hiking Trail Conditions and Closures for year-round conditions.

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I can vouch for Daniela's claims, as I was hiking Wharton Sat/Sun and there was not an ounce of snow/ice anywhere. Although "hiking" might be too a  strong word for trails that have about 6 inches of elevation change over 5 miles!

For such a small state, it's always amazing how big the difference is in snowfall amounts between south Jersey and anything further north.

And Shawnee looks like she just cannot wait for spring... that water still had to be brisk!

There were still patches of ice in the water where the sun didn't reach but I suppose Shawnee needed to cool off after all of that elevation change as TJ noted, LOL.   She actually was panting and my car showed 67 degrees as we were leaving so I guess she knew what she was doing, brrrrr.

Perrineville Lake Park, NJ - 3/5/14

Finding a relatively snow-free hike was very challenging after last weekend's storm buried the Pine Barrens.  It looked like a thin strip stretching from Trenton to Long Branch had the least snow so that is where we headed.  All in all, it wasn't bad.  Some areas of deep, frozen snow that could be walked on top of for about 20 steps before crashing through, some areas of snow about 1 inch deep, then long snow-free stretches.  On the return route the snow was melting rapidly and making a muddy mess.  http://gonehikin.blogspot.com/2014/03/perrineville-lake-park-nj.html

Stephens State Park, Hackettstown, NJ

Did a short loop on the Red and Orange trails. Snow was wet, slushy and still quite deep in places. Recommended for masochists only.

Holmdel Park: Ramanessin Section and Bayonet Farm - 03/11/2014

A mixed bag here again, some areas of pretty deep snow, some icy sections, trails turning into flowing creeks from rapidly melting snow in 67 degree weather and some stretches of dry areas.  http://gonehikin.blogspot.com/2014/03/holmdel-park-nj-ramanessin-se...

Sort of a trail conditions report: I just found a big fat tick on my dog. So "they're baaaaack!" 

Just saying to be careful to check yourself and your hiking companions already.

Thanks for the heads up!  Need to start with flea/tick stuff on my dog again.   You would think this severe weather put a dent in the tick population but I guess not.  Ugh.

Yes, caught me off guard. That's why I thought to mention it.


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