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Jakes Branch – Tindey, Swamp, Interpretive Trails - 3/24/14

We had an errand to run in Toms River so afterwards we popped over to Jakes Branch for a hike so as to not waste a drive down.

This park is just a few minutes off the Parkway so it's a convenient stop.

The trail map had been updated since we first hiked it. The Swamp Trail (WHITE) is now shown on the map as well as an Interpretive Trail (GREEN). By…


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Chance for NJ to shine in a poll.

Hi All: I just answered a poll on the best sections to hike in 3-7 days on the AT. Here's your chance to put the NJ section on the map. The poll started as a discussion on Facebook, on the Appalachian Trail forum.

Here's the link to the poll:

Favorite 3-7 Day AT section


Author of …


Added by Dennis R. Blanchard on April 8, 2014 at 10:28pm — 2 Comments

Stonetown Circular

I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed this hike. March is my least favorite month of all.  Next up is Harriman Easter Weekend.

Added by TJ Karakowski on April 7, 2014 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

Tranquility on a Bombing Range

This is a reprint one of my photography blog posts on http://photoimpressionism.wordpress.com

This peaceful and idyllic scene is a rare old growth cedar…


Added by Rich Lewis on March 22, 2014 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Helyar Woods in the Snow - 2/23/14

We had limited time to get outside this weekend, so of course the weather hit 50+ degrees.

Still, we managed to fit in a test of our new snowshoes at a local field to get them adjusted. There were still several inches of icy, crusty, wet, slushy slop that used to be snow but it was enough to get them set up for the next snowfall.

The next day we swung by Helyar Woods for a quick hike. This…


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Six Mile Run – Red Trail in the Snow - 2/16/14

Ah, more snow.

We decided to hit up Six Mile Run’s Red trail from the Rt. 27 parking lot but arrived to pile of plowed snow and broad expanse of unbroken snow. Hunh.

We drove over to the Jacques Lane lot to see if we could hike without post-holing through deep snow.

The snow appeared to be 18", possibly 24" in spots, and was not as broken and packed down as much as expected.



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Merrill Creek Reservoir in the Snow - 2/1/14

IMG_0846 With several inches of snow still on the ground, we decided to head out to Merrill Creek Reservoir.

It was a beautiful winter day with sunny blue skies and nearly 40 degrees – so welcome after all the snow and bitter cold this winter.

We decided to follow the same route as last time - hitting the RED and BLUE trails from the visitor center then make our way over to the Perimeter Trail to circle the reservoir.…


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2014 Resolution

Happy 2014 NJ Hikers. Perhaps a few of you read the long-winded blog posts that I put up in 2013. New year, new agenda. I would like to commit to making 2014 the year of the hiking "Vlog". I'm not looking to make these informative really (titles, places, maps) but concentrate on getting good shots and better editing, along with making up the music and perhaps trying different styles with the vids. Of course I'm happy to engage in any questions or comments (about the hiking itself or the…


Added by TJ Karakowski on January 30, 2014 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Six Mile Run in the Snow - 1/26/14

With several inches of snow still on the ground, we decided to check out the BLUE trail from the Canal Road parking at Six Mile Run Reservoir.

This is a good choice for snow – the trail was well traveled with bootprints, and ski and snowshoe tracks.

The trails are easily managed on ski/snowshoes and the field edges are a nice option when there’s snow.



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Edwin B. Forsythe NWR - 1/19/14

This park is mainly for birding and photography. The Refuge sits in an active area on the Atlantic Flyway’s flight path, and migratory birds just loooove hanging out there.

I’d looked up the park ages ago and found only a few short trails listed so it was not even on our “to-hike” list as it was too far to drive for a mile hike.

But the park caught my attention again…


Added by njHiking.com on January 24, 2014 at 12:23pm — 4 Comments

Holmdel Park - 1/12/14

It had been ages since we stopped by Holmdel Park - so long ago that it pre-dates us keeping track in our trail blog.

We hadn’t gone in a long time because this is small park with short trails, where people go for a jog or a stroll. It really falls into the “light hiking” camp.

The hiking is pleasant enough, and varies between packed dirt trail with some…


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Cheesequake - Green Trail in the Snow, again - 1/6/14

Our area had gotten around 8.5" of snow so we scampered out for a quick hike at Cheesequake before the expected rain was going to wash it away.

We chucked both the snowshoes and the MICROspikes in the car because we weren't sure what we'd need.



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Wells Mills County Park - 1/1/14

For detailed hike directions, maps, and photos, visit our recently updated Wells Mills page.

We always try to get out and hike on New Year's Day. It's a great way to start the new year – and a good way to shake off the end of the holiday "eating season".

And the, um, wine and cheese from…


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Shark River Park

Hike along the Shark River and over boardwalks in this Monmouth County park.

4.2 miles. Trail surface is mostly easy, a mix of root-filled-dirt and sandy trails. Minor hills.

River’s Edge trail is rated as challenging but it just follows along the river, and there are a couple of rough-wood stairs… that’s about it. Road noise throughout the…


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Cheesequake – Green Trail in the Snow - 12/14/13

We decided to grab a quick hike at Cheesequake State Park as the snow started falling on Saturday.

The temperature was somewhere in the 20s but it was beautiful out, sunny and very comfortable.

We just did the Green Trail which is around 3-ish miles. The boardwalk that snakes through the cedar swamp is now finished being re-built, and the trail no longer detours…


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New Years Day hike

Anyone planning to do a New Years day Hike?  I thinking of heading up to the AT

Added by Al on December 17, 2013 at 6:46pm — 4 Comments

Palisades – Alpine to Huyler’s Landing

Outstanding views of the NYC skyline while hiking above and below the impressive rock face of the Palisades… with a little Revolutionary War history thrown in for good measure.

5.5 miles, surface ranges from easy path to rocky trail. One decent downhill to the shoreline and then another uphill back to the upper trail, where there is considerable road…


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Video of my Section Hike of the Appalachian Trail across New Jersey

Hi NJ Hikers- If you're bored at work, here's a video I made of hiking the AT through our lovely Garden State back in September of this year. Be sure and change the quality to 720 (lower right hit gearbox and select 720) -TJK


Added by TJ Karakowski on December 11, 2013 at 12:30pm — No Comments

Thanksgiving Weekend at Harriman

When I got into this backpacking thing this year, I never thought it’d be anything more than a summer time hobby to get out, shoot some photography and get some exercise.  Turns out though, that I enjoy the planning, physical challenge, and quite honestly, the solitude, so much that I can’t wait until next May to get out there. In fact I now see winter backpacking as a new chapter with it’s own challenges and rewards.…


Added by TJ Karakowski on December 8, 2013 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

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