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Bonticou Crag and Table Rocks - 8/15/14

View from Bonticou Crag in the Gunks A short, fun, challenging rock scramble up Bonticou Crag and a hike to Table Rocks in New York's Shawangunks.

Our two cents: The Bonticou Crag rock scramble and the views from the top are the stars here and are a must-do. The rest of the hiking in this area is ok and while Table Rocks is worthwhile and has a nice view – it's not overly enthralling.

Trail surface: ranges from dirt woods roads to somewhat rocky…


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Sam's Point Preserve - Ice Caves, Verkeerder Kill Falls, High Point - 8/14/14

Explore an ice cave, a waterfall, and enjoy spectacular views of the Shawangunks region and the Catskill mountains.

Seasonal Notes: The ice caves fill with ice and are closed until passable in spring or summer – but by late summer won’t have much or any ice in them. The falls can dwindle to a trickle in the…


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backpacking Stockbridge Mountain

My hiking partner wife finally agreed to backpack with me on an overnight and it went so well that I thought I would share.  We parked at Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park, and backpacked mainly on the Long Path about 3.5 miles to the summit of Stockbridge Mountain, where we found lots of tent spots and several fire rings.  There is a manmade shelter there, as well as a…


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AT Sobo - NH & Vermont

SOme highlights of these 300 miles!

Added by TJ Karakowski on September 5, 2014 at 4:19pm — No Comments

AT Sobo '14 - Maine

Hi NJ Hiking Gang. I haven't given up posting here - I've been in the woods hiking! Started a Southbound thru hike attempt on July 9th, and just recently (9/3) entered Massachusetts. 600 miles down, 1580 to go!

Here's some highlights of Maine. It's no Jersey of course!


Added by TJ Karakowski on September 5, 2014 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

Harriman S.P. – Black Rock and Hogencamp Mountain - 8/24/14

Plenty of views and a few old mines on a hike up Black Rock and Hogencamp Mountain in Harriman State Park, NY.

Late August is usually hot so we'd planned a bike ride, but when the forecast showed hiking weather we quickly switched gears and opted for a hike.

To keep it simple I picked out an area in Harriman that we hadn’t been to in awhile and chose a hike…


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Overlook Rock Panorama and Lake Sonoma - 7/26/14

We’d done this route just once, in March of 2010 (“Norvin Green – Lake Sonoma and Overlook Trails”). There were several expansive viewpoints so we wanted do it again when everything is in bloom.

Turns out there are a few less views with the leaves on the trees, but…


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Black River Park – Kay’s Cottage, Conifer Pass, Bamboo Brook – from Chubb Park - 7/6/14

This hike was an example of why it’s good to have a backup plan or at least know of nearby hike options.

The parking lot for the Cooper Gristmill was roped off when we arrived... I knew that the Black River Trail can be picked up just down the road at Chubb Park or we could try the parking lot at Kay Center and start the loop from there – or…


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Terrace Pond North – Ridge Vistas and around the Pond - 6/22/14

This is one of those hikes where there are so many excellent vistas that they almost get old.


And that's before arriving at Terrace Pond, one of the prettiest hike destinations in the state.

The trail starts through a rhododendron tunnel and then heads uphill to arrive at the first viewpoint in just over a half mile.

The trail…


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Bearfort Ridge to Surprise Lake - Hemlock Forest and Ridge Views - 6/14/14

Bearfort Ridge is one of our favorite hikes because it’s consistently enjoyable.

We’re the first to admit that even some of the best routes have some boring stretches or areas that lack a little in the scenery department that you overlook because of a great destination.

Not this route.

Hike through a beautiful hemlock forest on…


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Jenny Jump

Great park. Perhaps not the best day hiking spot, but good campground and Saturday night fun at the observatory.

Added by TJ Karakowski on June 10, 2014 at 8:22am — 3 Comments

Norvin Green – Panoramic Views and Waterfalls - 6/1/14

IMG_0032 For detailed hike directions, maps, GPX, and photos, visit our “Norvin Green State Forest” page.

Norvin Green is one of the best areas in the state for hiking, in our opinion – it has a network of rugged trails with plenty of expansive views and some nice waterfalls for payoff.

We've done this route many times, but not for about five years so it was time to hit it up again. First…


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Musconetcong Gorge – Pine Run Waterfall Loop - 5/25/14

For us, a holiday weekend means heading in the opposite direction of Jersey's beach traffic. We’d just had a lot of rain so we went west on Rt. 78 to check out Musconetcong Gorge’s cascades.

We hadn’t been since 2009, and planned on doing a similar but longer route by just going further on Highlands to Staats Rd. and then backtracking to the Switchback trail…


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Jockey Hollow - Grand Loop and Blue Trail - 5/4/14

We only had Sunday available to hike so – of course – the weather threatened to be iffy. So we opted to hit up Jockey Hollow where we could get a decent hike in but it’s only just over an hour drive away.

The park was turning greener but wasn’t in full bloom yet. Most people were jogging or walking dogs on the park roads, and we only passed a handful of…


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"May Days" 2014


Headed up to Stokes for the 3rd annual “May Days” cabin outing on Friday, May 2nd. This year I had bagged my 1st choice -  cabin #6. It’s a great waterfront location with a neighbor on only one side and a nice picnic table/fire ring backyard. The only issue at #6 is waterfront access which is very swampy and unuseable, but that’s pretty much true of all the cabin sites.


I was joined by my Dad(TK), Uncle Jim(JK) and cousin Will(WK). JK and WK had…


Added by TJ Karakowski on May 7, 2014 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments


March was dubstep, April is ragtime. I'll be doing spoken word by the fall! Great hike, lots of views and lots of history. And hopefully the end of cold weather camping for 6 months.

Added by TJ Karakowski on April 30, 2014 at 11:03am — No Comments

It's Spring....finally

Wow, that was a brutal winter.  I had damage done to my house from the massive snowfall so we've actually been living in a hotel for the past month.  No problem though, the…


Added by Trail Blazer on April 24, 2014 at 4:46pm — 2 Comments

Beaver Brook Trail to Lost Lake - 4/13/14

After poking around some older pages in the site, I decided Beaver Brook and Lost Lake would be good to revisit.

Having a site that contains your prior hikes often comes in handy when trying to decide where to go. We hadn't been since 2009, when our hike had been cut short by a bear (“…


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camping , Stokes . wednesday to fri . Planning a few hikes

Planing a few hikes , do some fishing on flat brook   .And just have fun with my son , camping at bear creek campground……Well back from 3 day camping trip . Had great time , temps in the 40's midday ,woke up to 20 degrees Thursday morn.  fishing was slow on the flat brook  . Hiked Tilmans ravine , then on to Buttermilk falls ,followed blue trial  to top then back down .  Friday checked out the tammany trail at the gap , great views of the delaware river . Now I need to buy the trail maps .…


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Apshawa Preserve - Butler Reservoir, Waterfalls, Ruins - 4/6/14

A new trail map for Apshawa came out last September, and while it's not unusual for trails to change, there are some huge differences since we last hiked this in Nov. 2010 ("Apshawa Preserve").

In addition to some changes in route configurations, a few trail colors have changed (the trail in the beginning…


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