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Nothing beats a good day at Round Valley

Except when you get back to your car and have a $71 ticket for parking there after the park closed! URGH! I was literally carrying out beer bottles and garbage I picked up on the quick 6 miler (office to campsite #7 and back) on the Cushetunk and told that cop that I was glad he ticketed us while I was out there cleaning up the park! He didn't appreciate my trail maintenance apparently! I just assumed the park was open till dusk, but it's only open until 6pm in March. Lesson learned I guess. Anyone heading out to RV might want to consider parking at the "boat launch" area as that is never closed I believe vs the Park itself which has different rules for different days. And this cop was kind of a pr*ck, waiting for us to leave so he can "lock up the place" (cause stealing State Parks is really out of control these days). Just venting gang, trying to get back and active here. Here's tix LOL, I blurred out my gf's info up top, you know how chicks are with people knowing their real age :)

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Comment by njHiking.com on March 30, 2015 at 4:11pm

That is a total bummer, especially after stopping to pick up garbage.

Comment by TJ Karakowski on March 31, 2015 at 11:02am

In my mind that $71 has been allocated to help feed and care for the little orphaned bear cub on nj.com! I've spent way more time than a 38 year old guy should watching little Mike tumble around his crib!

NJ.COM Orphaned Bear Cam

Its kinda slow, but be patient. It's so worth it if Mike is in a playful mood :) You gotta kill some hours in those cubicles across Jersey as I recall!!


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