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Really enjoyed the trails at this park in West Milford, very pretty... overlooks, Butler Reservoir, waterfalls. We'd been saving this park for a Saturday during hunting season (no-hunting here). A longish route can't really be done, but the trails are typical Jersey Highlands (up-n-down-up-n-down) so they give you a workout anyway.

Directions and a park map can be found here. There were no paper maps in the kiosk, and no bathroom. (gas stations on Rt 23 best bet). And Daniela did a write up from earlier this year, here.

About 6.4 miles. We did the a loop around the perimeter of the park, so we missed a few interior sections of trail. We also took the WHITE trail out beyond the Preserve, until we ran out of markers, then backtracked.

This is right in a neighborhood basically, so there was some traffic noise and leaf-blower drone. A few spots on the trails you are practically in people's backyards... but such is hiking NJ sometimes.

We also saw ruins of 2 stone building and some HUGE tanks of some sort... no clue what they are from, will have to to look it up if I get a chance.

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