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This hike gives a different perspective with views into New Jersey from the "back door". Only 15 minutes west of the Delaware Water Gap on I-80, you will feel like you have arrived at the top of the world as you summit Camelback Mountain at 2,132 feet. There are unobstructed views of the Kittatinny Mountains where your eye can follow the horizon along miles and miles of the Appalachian Trail. Although I could not make out High Point monument, it is somewhere to the northeast. Mount Tammany, Mount Minsi and Wind Gap, PA are very identifiable. Because cars can drive up to the summit of Camelback Mountain, expect more people at the top but there is plenty of solitude on the rest of the trails. At the summit area there are 4 or 5 restrooms - I lost count. If you want to do this hike during hunting season, plan it for a Sunday when there is no hunting in PA. A local woman told me on other days it is a very popular hunting spot as the park borders state game lands. Click here for more information and pictures.

Delaware Water Gap - Mount Tammany, NJ on the left, Mount Minsi, PA on the right:

Wind Gap, PA:

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