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Columbia Trail – Ken Lockwood Gorge - 8/12/12

If you enjoy hiking or biking on rail-trails, then check out the Columbia Trail as it's one of the best in NJ. We first biked the Columbia Trail last summer and really enjoyed this easy trail through a very pretty area. (see "Biking: Columbia Trail – Ken Lockwood Gorge")

The rail-trail is about 15 miles each way, from High Bridge in Hunterdon County to Bartley in Morris County. It's built on an old railway line so while mostly level it does head slightly uphill from High Bridge... just enough to feel it. 

30.4 miles. High Bridge to it's end in Bartley, and back.

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Comment by Erik Fecher on September 6, 2012 at 12:06am

Ironically, I live in Long Valley and have only hiked Columbia in a couple parts, the one just a short piece to the Gillette trail after coming down from Schooley's Mtn @ Fairview,  and around between Frazier Steel and Schooley's Mtn Road. Then just between Schooley's Mtn Road and Middle Valley. Not having a bike, I haven't been up for doing much further but what I have seen looks pretty good. There's even a "connector" to Teetertown for hikers from Vernoy Road to Hollowbrook Road (although it's really just following the local roads across 513 and back through the industrial area. Looks more geared toward biking but still very walkable for the beginner hiker just looking to get their endurance up before tackling more rugged terrain that exists not far away.


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