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D&R Canal Biking: Rocky Hill South - 7/1/12

We decided on a bike ride due to the heat and hit up our old fave, The Delaware & Raritan Canal towpath starting from the Rocky Hill lot.

The towpath received some flood damage from the storms last year and there are a few closed or rerouted sections (be sure to check out the D&R Canal site). North and a little south of Rocky Hill was noted as "rough" on the park web site, but it hadn't been updated since the fall so we weren't sure how accurate that was. We opted to head south, towards Princeton.

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Comment by Linda Frank on July 4, 2012 at 9:41am

Dawn, Have you ever tried the walk (or bike) from Lambertville, Pa. to Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve?  You park on the NJ side, cross the bridge into Pa. and start from there.  It's 3+ miles to Bowman.   We've done this in early spring and just recently to see the seasonal blooms both along the way and at Bowman, which itself has about 2-1/2 miles of trails.

Out and back and including Bowman, it's a nice 8-1/2 miles of walking. 


Last time we drove directly to Bowman and after walking the trails again there, we walked south this time along the towpath toward Washington Crossing for about 4 miles out and 4 back to parked just outside Bowman's main gate.

Nice scenery along the way if you like looking at some beautiful new and older rehabbed houses w/ gorgeous landscaping and interesting historical features.  Towpaths in both directions were in great shape, btw, for both walking and biking. 


Comment by njHiking.com on July 5, 2012 at 4:10pm

Hunh, no I've haven't heard of Bowman's. Looks interesting though and I added it into our hiking database (yes, I actually resorted to creating a database a few months ago because our "to-do" and "possibles" hike list had gotten so out of hand...)

Whilst poking around about Bowman's, I found this nice resource for the PA side of the towpath:




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