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Harriman: Red Cross, Beech, Long Path Loop - 8/13/11

We were poking around our GPS data for Harriman State Park, looking for an area that we hadn't done and ended up doing a loop from Lake Skannatati.

The highlights of this loop are: a nice viewpoint of Lake Skannatati (right in the beginning), view of Lake Askoti from some rock slabs, the Hasenclever Mine (large deep hole filled with water), and a small cemetery with graves from the 1800s and of Civil War veterans. There is a waterfall a bit off the Red Cross trail, and another area with cascades near the road.

The rest of the trail is just nice hiking, typical of Harriman (there really isn't a bad trail choice in this park). Because it crosses park roads several times, there is some road noise but it's not bad.

8.8 miles. Moderate. One steep uphill and a small scramble right in the beginning, then just moderate after that. A decent amount of this trail was  tight with bushes and dense undergrowth, and some blind curves - be sure to be talking, making noise, clapping etc to alert an bears in the area that you are comin' through.


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