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Great park. Perhaps not the best day hiking spot, but good campground and Saturday night fun at the observatory.

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Comment by njHiking.com on June 10, 2014 at 11:19am

Nice. Swamp vs summit trail - LOL.

Actually Jenny Jump isn't bad for short day hikes, like to Ghost Lake– though once we nearly got carted off by swarms of bugs. But then we saw the looongest black rat snake we'd ever come across, so that was neat.

What was the condition of the Jenny Jump Trail? In November someone notified us it was very overgrown with several blowdowns to negotiate, and one of the cairns marking a spur to a view point was knocked down -- was wondering if that was still the case.


Comment by TJ Karakowski on June 10, 2014 at 11:39am

Thanks Dawn. The Jenny Jump trail isn't a particularly great trail. I assume it's kinda of a new "add on" to the park. There were some  bad blow downs up by the viewpoints (just north of Rt 611 as shown on the freebie NYNJTC maps). I alerted some folks at the trail conference to that. I found the viewpoints mainly by using the Avenza App GPS function - not well marked.  The view is the first shot where I'm talking - basically looking west to the Water Gap. The trail from the south end of Mountain Lake to the nice parking area at Lake Just It Road (that's where the horse shots are) is really a waste of time, I'd say. There' no views of Mountain Lake, it's just wet and buggy.  I'm just trying to put miles in and build up my legs for backpacking. Thanks for checking my video blog though! -TJK

Comment by njHiking.com on June 11, 2014 at 10:42am

It is somewhat new, we hiked it in 2011and it was a little rough then. We went from the main park to Lake Just-It parking and back, so it's good to know we didn't miss anything on to Mountain Lake.



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