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Mahlon Dickerson – Highlands, Pine Swamp, Saffin Pond - 1/1/12

For our annual New Years Day hike we ended up at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation. Many people had the same idea, whether it was to take advantage of the unusually mild (low-50s) winter day or maybe getting an early start on a New Years resolution to exercise more.

We chose Mahlon because we wanted a moderate loop that we'd mostly done before so we didn't have to think too hard after having our annual 'wine-n-cheesies' the night before. Mahlon's trails are very scenic, plus there is Headley overlook and another viewpoint. (Both viewpoints are a little drab this time of year however)

Saffin Pond is really pretty, but if you are heading just to the park just to see it – hold off. It's not-so-scenic while they are working on the dam. The water is very low, and there is construction equipment at the dam. The trails in the park are fine and worth hiking though!

Miles: 8.7 miles

Route: HIGHLANDS (Teal) - WHITE - BLUE DOT - BLUE - HIGHLANDS - [Saffin Pond] - YELLOW - Unmarked - HIGHLANDS


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Comment by Trail Blazer on January 25, 2013 at 3:28am
The dam was finished and the new bridge is beautiful. Would be great if they blazed a trail that followed the brook. Saffin Pond is my lunchtime sanctuary and place of power.
Comment by njHiking.com on January 25, 2013 at 11:51am

Thanks for the update - I assume the parking area isn't blocked either then? And did you happen to notice if the porta-john was back in the lot [I'm updating the closure info on our hike page for Mahlon...]




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