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Pyramid Mountain - Whale Head, Bear Rock, Kincaid - 5/20/12

The great thing about keeping a Trail Blog is being able to track info about your hikes – but the downside is that it underscores how quickly time passes.

I was sure we were just at Pyramid until I noticed that the last entry for it was over a year ago - and that was for the 
Butler Reservoir area. We'd last done the main part of
 Pyramid Mountainthree years 
ago. Yikes!

We've done the
Tripod Rock - Whale Head - Bear Rock route a ton of times – because it's wonderful – but we decided to skip uber-popular Tripod Rock entirely and take YELLOW and ORANGE along the Taylortown Reservoir. I'd forgotten how nice this section of trail is. It hugs the water with views of the reservoir, but also is quite rocky in places with just a little minor scrambling.

Miles: 7.9

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