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Ramapo Valley County Reservation 01/01/2010

When I arrived at Ramapo Valley County Reservation at 9 am there were already about a dozen cars in the parking lot. (Parking lot is HUGE with plenty of parking.) The snow, which was fresh from the day before, was pretty heavily trampled. About 2 miles out the snow was untouched for several miles so my dog and I were the first to walk on it. That is when you know you are alone and the only one who has been there. Saw footprints of two other people around Bear Swamp Lake and then heavily trampled snow and masses of people and dogs close to the end. So heavy usage in the vicinity of the parking lot, almost no usage farther out. If you go, know that you will find peace and solitude. It was a perfect day - not too much snow but enough for traction over ice and about 40 degrees. Made for a delightful hike. (No hunting allowed in this park.)

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