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Silas Condict Park, Morris County, NJ - 1/9/2012

My dog has Monday chiropractor appointments out in Riverdale - exit 53 off of I-287, smack in the heart of hiking country.  I have taken advantage of that by taking a half day off work and combining her appointment with hiking at some of the smaller parks that I never get to because they are too far away for the amount of trails available.   Today we checked out the new white-blazed trail at Silas Condict Park.  It's only a 3 mile hike but it's a very rugged and scenic trail with huge rock formations and even a rock tunnel that the trail goes through.  It's a nice hike and the trails are very well blazed.  Click here for more pictures.

For those of you who hike with dogs, I highly recommend a veterinary chiropractor.  My dog, Shawnee, is turning 11 sometime in March.  She does fine while hiking although I did notice her gait being off a little at times.  After hiking we would get home and she would go to sleep then not be able to get out of her bed for dinner.  This was getting progressively worse over the past year until it was happening after every single hike.  Once I would get her up, she would hobble around all stiff (like me), but the next day she would be fine again.  I was hoping for some improvement but after the second chiropractic adjustment she is not stiffening up at all any more.  We are working towards once a month maintenance, which I am going to keep her on because, well, she just HAS to keep hiking forever!

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