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Washington Crossing State Park, Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain and Goat Hill Overlook - 11/13/11

Headed a little south to try to eek out just a little more fall foliage and I did find some of the last of it.  I hadn't actually intended to hike Ted Stiles Preserve in conjunction with Washington Crossing State Park but there appeared to be a connection so I took both maps along just in case.  Once I got to that possible connection point and saw how easy it was to hop from one over to the other I thought, what the heck, and continued on.  Turned out to be a 14 mile hike total.

It's easier to see the connection in the picture going from Ted Stiles Preserve crossing over Church Road back to Washington Crossing State Park where there is a small parking lot:

After the hike, I drove about 5 miles north to Goat Hill Overlook, which falls under the jurisdiction of Washington Crossing State Park but is a separate parcel of land.  The trail is only .45 mile long one way, it's an out and back that winds up a gradual slope and you can throw your sneakers on to do it.  Worth stopping at if you are in the area.

The last of the fall foliage:

Click here for more pictures and the full hike details.

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