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ok folks, got the camper packed, gear stowed and we [my wife, granddaughter and self] are off to bellaplain this weekend. going to stay in the ccc area, walk in the woods, do some fishing, and hit up the cape may zoo.

i see there alot of trails there. getting my granddaughter used to the woods. she just loves the out of doors.

well stop by and say hello. big orange dodge, big coleman camper, little red headed granddaughter.



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Welcome to my neck of the woods...Hope you enjoy your weekend, we headed the other way and went to Washingtons Crossing SP for Pres. Day weekend... perfect weather though!!!

had an awsome time, went to the zoo, all the animals were out, including the cats. did some fishing, walked around the pond. cooked over an open fire, went to a train museum.

next trip is Bristol for the nascar race in march.



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