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Seems every time I go, this place has changed something. We went last week and noticed a couple things.  First of all, part of the blue trail is STILL closed.. not sure the reason, but has been closed for close to a year now since my first visit. The third time I went, I went by the closed sign and followed the trail anyway ( I don't usually do this, but curiosity finally got the best of me) and found no reason for closure (at least visibly). Anyways, last week the white trail was closed which is a shame because that trail gives you the best views of the river (it looked like there is damage on the white trail from motor bikes, which annoys me to no end!!). However, they have added a yellow trail which loops off the blue trail. The yellow trail does a loop around an area where it looks like they are replanting trees and part of an open field. I did not follow the yellow trail last time but intend to try it next time. From what it looks like, the yellow trail is not long at all, but I will check itout next time. They also added a new entrance to the area, about 500ft. before the old entrance coming from Millville. I figured this out as I flew by the new entrance. Currently, there are no trail maps available at the trailhead, but it is really hard to get lost.

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