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Is anybody hiking the NJ1K list. I thought is was a great idea and really got me into hiking in NJ. Not all the peaks are remarkable but I like doing lists! Some of the peaks and hikes are very worthwhile from the standpoint of views or "features". I was ahppy to finish the list and I am still happy to be hiking in NJ. Now I am trying places NOT on the list and am still having agreat time.

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We haven't been doing the 1K list but think it's a terrific idea.

For anyone reading this who hasn't heard of the 1K club, it's at http://www.nj1k.org/ - There is a list of all the peaks in NJ over 1,000 feet, and you can sign up to check them off as you complete them. It's the NJ version of "peakbagging". There was an article on them in the Star Ledger on them a few months ago.
I had never seen that before.. thank you!!
If anyone wants any suggestions or information both Eric and Jeff at NJ1K are very helpful and there site is first rate. I would be glad to answer questions about my experiences and my site has trip report, pictures and maps for all 52 peaks.
oh great, now I have to do this! thanks :)
I've been working on the NJ1K since last June, trying to do 1, sometimes 2 per week. Your route notes have been helpful.
Yup. I have to now do this too! :-)


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