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Trail Conditions in western Morris / Warren / Hunterdon area?

I'm aware of the state DEP listing of "closed" parks, but it doesn't seem they update it very often, or there's just that much damage that you should pretty much assume waiting until practically the spring to see trails open officially again. Anyone been to places like Musconetcong Gorge, Jenny Jump, Allamuchy or other local medium sized parks? Only reason I'm interested so much right now is that I'm doing  web site project for school and could use one more of these sites for content (visiting, getting some shots/videos etc) I can do without if I must, I could always substitute somewhere like Teetertown Ravine right near me. Anyone been to any of these places and know if the trail conditions are that bad, or if they're outright closed? Don't want to show up, not see any "trails closed" signs (I went past Allamuchy north yesterday and didn't see any on the Sussex Branch Trail) and get hassled by some random park ranger doing rounds.

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Hi Erik - They're closed until they can assess the many miles of trails as well as remove the downed trees etc. - it's a safety issue as well as it's probably easier to do trail cleanup without hikers around.

They are making huge progress, however, and chainsaw crews from other states have come to help. I don't think it will be until the spring before most are open.

We have a Trail Conditions and Closures page with links including the state and many county parks (ones that have closures listed) if that helps you any.

I just saw this article this morning, "State parks in Ringwood, West Milford open but offer limited usage"

We haven't gotten out to any parks in that area, but in this forum, Scott and Chrissy went to Jenny Jump on the 9th and found trails where covered up with fallen trees, every 50 to 60 yards. Their trail report.


Hope that helps!


This helps. Like I said I drove past Allamuchy North at the parking entrance to the Sussex Branch and saw a couple cars in there, no signs though warning of closures. Just didn't want to go in myself and find out sometime later a ranger was giving people grief for walking around in there when the park is supposed to be closed. Im sure most people don't check online ahead of time, especially if they're local and just come there for a daily walk. If no one's stopping them, they'll go in.


Not sure if a ranger would give you grief about walking around when it was closed or not. If it's posted maybe, but if not then how would you know. Most people don't look online first, or even know they're closed.

Within the last hour or so, they've posted updates on trails in Wawayanda, Round Valley and Cheesequake - and the park page is now listing what particular trails are open too.


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