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Hike through pine lands, around marshes, and along beaches while looking for Osprey in nesting platforms.

Easy surface of sand, pine needles, wood chips, boardwalks. Level, no elevation change.

  • 6.9 miles: this route, combining all trails in the park
  • Shorter: RED Loop (1.7), YELLOW (1.5), BLUE (2.2)
  • Combine 2 loops for a 3-4 mile hike.

Great photography and birding opportunities; vast bay views. Osprey build nests in the spring, and we spotted one less than 5 minutes from the parking lot - bring a telephoto lens or binoculars (we use a lightweight monocular). The trails are very easy and are better suited for short loops from the main parking lot; a loop longer than 6.9 isn’t really possible. This is one of NJ’s beachy hikes and may not fit your definition of “hiking”. Some road noise along RED.

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