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Coppermines - Rattlesnake Swamp - 5/29/11

We combined the Coppermines Trail, the AT, and Rattlesnake Swamp Trail to make a big loop, which serves up a bit-o-everything: streams, water cascades, mines (closed), ridge hiking with views of rural Jersey, a fire tower, lush trails, rhododendron tunnels, a swamp... very nice.

Coppermines Trail follows a stream for a lot of the way, and heads gradually uphill. There are several nice cascades and it was many degrees cooler by these.

The Appalachian Trail has a ton of views and many nice breakspots. Rattlesnake Swamp trail is lush and close (but not overgrown), with rhododendron tunnels. It skirts the swamp and is a little soft in spots but not really wet.

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