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Had the day off and wanted to stay close since I hiked Walkway Over the Hudson/Franny Reese State Park on Saturday. (Didn't write that up since it is NY but if anyone is interested, let me know and I will.) Lewis Morris County Park is listed as having no hunting at all so I went there. Turns out they do now have some hunting days scheduled:

Nothing spectacular at this park, just woods, but still a nice hike and I had the place to myself other than a hiking group going in the opposite direction early on. There was very little automobile traffic noise but almost constant air traffic noise. The trails were very sloppy and muddy close to the parking area from all of the rain but farther out they weren't that bad. I managed to get a 6.8 mile hike in. I saw no maps in the park at all. The map they have online is pretty good but there is some rerouting that is not reflected on that map so the trails got a little confusing when they did not match up but it was doable. Most of the trails are multi-use but I did not see any bikes or horses, probably because of the mud.

I parked in the parking lot on the left directly across from where Sunrise Lake Road goes to the right. At the far end of the parking lot that runs parallel to the road is where you get on the green trail which connects with the other trails. There porta potty in that lot which was open.

If you make a right on the green trail from the parking lot, cross over the road continuing on green, you come to this intersection within 1/4 mile where you can choose which trails to take.

Even though I did not get terribly muddy, somebody else did not fare as well...

Resulting in a very unhappy dog when we got home...

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