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Mount Minsi (Delware Water Gap, PA) - 3/19/2010

I followed the trail as outlined on NJHiking.com's website here except I stayed on the AT out to Tott's Gap for a hike of 9.75 miles. Even though I went on a Friday, it was the first 70-degree weather stretch of the year and the trail from the parking lot up Mount Minsi was a busy place! Heading on to Tott's Gap, however, I did not run into anyone else so for solitude, that was the place to be. The AT out to Tott's Gap runs along the mountain ridge so it was almost a continuous scenic overlook. Once the leaves are back on the trees, those views will most likely be obstructed.

Heading up Mt. Minsi - Eureka Creek

Mt. Tammany, NJ from Mt. Minsi, PA

Delaware River from Mt. Minsi:

A patch of snow left at Tott's Gap:

Views from Tott's Gap:

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